Tom Waits «Bad As Me» (full album)

2013 Tom Waits «Bad As Me» (full album), 54 мин
1.Chicago 0:0
2.Raised right men 2:17
3.Talking at the same time 5:43
4.Get Lost 9:59
5.Face to the highway 12:43
6.Pay me 16:28
7.Back in the crowd 19:44
8.Bad as me 22:35
9.Kiss me 25:48
10.Satisfied 29:30
11.Last leaf 33:38
12.Hell broke luce 36:36
13.New year’s eve 40:34
14.She stole the blush 45:03
15.Tell me 47:56
16.After you die 51:41

хорошоплохо (никто еще не проголосовал)

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